What is Public Television?

Never heard of it? Read below to learn more.

What is Public Access TV?

“Public-access television came about with the rise of cable television in the late ’70s and early ’80s. In exchange for the rights to lay cable wires on public land, cable companies were required to donate a portion of their revenue to provide facilities and airtime to allow public comment. The idea was to give voice to ordinary citizens who otherwise wouldn’t have access to any media outlets. In 1984, the Cable Franchise Policy and Communications Act prohibited cable operators from exercising any editorial control over public-access channels.” – PBS.org

Community Contribution

Our General Manager, Board of Directors, and our Members are inspired by the philosophy of public access — that empowering local people to make local television can make a difference!

Green Mountain Access Television aspires to be a fully integrated, contributing member of the Lamoille Valley community, offering an important resource to its members and tailoring its programming to the needs of the viewing community.

Non-Commercial Content!

As a Public Access channel, we broadcast non-commercial cable programming created and produced by local individuals, organizations, causes and groups, and by you.

GMATV serves residents of Hyde Park, Johnson, and Morristown, and broadcasts programming to over 1,500 households on Comcast Channel 1074. Check out our gigantic Archive.