23′ x 25′ Studio


  • The studio features a fully digital video mixing and editing system; Newtek SX-84 linked with a Video Toaster 4.
  • The studio is equipped with hanging pipes mounted with over 15 spotlight fresnel lighting fixtures.
  • Large black velvet curtains for a professional backdrop setting
  • A section of 8′ x 8′ green screen for all your keying needs
  • A Teleprompter that runs Flip-Q scroll software allowing for any scripts to be displayed in any direction.

Even More!


  • A-Line out studio monitor for viewing playback right after your first take!
  • Office desks and several pieces of miscellaneous furniture serve to create the proper setting for interviews or talk shows.
  • Four professional quality cameras opening up the options for choosing any four angles of view for our output edits.
  • Full-featured 16-channel audio mixer giving you the ability to make a sub-mix, patch in sound effects, and use a studio talk-back for your crew to take cues.
  • Our studio will give you the much need lift in production that you have been looking for in your next project.