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Green Mountain Access Television (GMATV) serves the towns of Morrisville, Hyde Park and Johnson. GMATV showcases happenings right in our community. Graduations, parades, selectboards, school concerts and more. You can watch them on Comcast Channel 15!



โ˜Ž๏ธ 1 (802) 851-1592


๐Ÿ“ฌ Mailing Address:

PO Box 581 Hyde Park, VT 05655

๐Ÿซ Physical Address:

738 Route 15 West Room T-7 Hyde Park, VT 05655



Monday through Friday
8:00AM – 4:00PM

Saturday: By Appointment Only
Sunday: By Appointment Only

GMATV’s hours are subject to change on a weekly basis due to the availability of our small staff. Please call us ahead of time to schedule an appointment at (802) 851-1592.


Tim Torrey

General Manager

Amy J. Wolk Murphy

Station Manager

Amy, a native New Yorker, comes to us direct from her stint as a Stay-at-Home Momma of two. Prior to that, she was part of the original launch team at a National cable news network and also worked in the Music News department at VH1 in NYC. Amy was a News Producer at the old ABC22 station in Burlington. Amy has been at GMATV for over three years. She started part-time and has worked her way up to Station Manager. Amy spends most of her time with her husband, their two kids and their pets. She loves to travel back to New York to visit family and friends.

Michael Reis

Editor / Camera Operator / IT Coordinator

Michael Reis currently wears the hats of video editor, camera operator and IT Coordinator at GMATV. He has spent the last several years working in various fields revolving around arts and technology, ranging from building and maintaining small business websites to welding an artisan creamery. Mike is interested in taking advantage of all that our small community has to offer, and is especially eager to help get the word out about some of the unique, informative, and entertaining goings-on of Lamoille County. When Mike is not hard at work at the TV station you may find him sailing, gallivanting, tinkering, or juggling shaved Siamese cats.

Maya Greenia

Editor / Camera Operator

Maya Greenia is the current Head Editor for GMATV. She has been working here for three years. When she first started working here she was a student in GMTCC, and has nowย made her way to the top.

Kurt Bos

Editor / Camera Operator

Kurt started his career in television by volunteering at Hardwick Community Television (HCTV). It was a good way for him to keep busy and get out of the house. Kurt already knew camera work but had no experience with editing. HCTV supplied all the help he needed and eventually Kurt teamed up with Nancy Schade to do the Buffalo Times interviews, which he still does. Kurt started working at GMATV in 2015. He really likes his coworkers and loves to edit. He is always learning something new every day. He says, itโ€™s a wonderful crew here at GMATV and he hope you enjoy the results.

Board of Directors


Tami Furry

Doug Boardman

David Whitcomb

Peter Guihan

Beth Bailey (Alternate)

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